Begum Jaan Movie Download

Begum Jaan Movie Download

Movie:-Begum Jaan Movie Download
Produced by :- Mukesh Bhatt, Vishesh Bhatt
Directed by :- Srijit Mukherjee

About Movie:-It’s going to be a fight between two genders with traitors from both sides crossing the fences. From an ageing king to meek farmers, men treat women as a mere commodity. Begum is not willing to take things lying down and thus she fights each of these men.

The side stories of Gauahar Khan-Pitobash and Pallavi Sharda-Vivek Mushran reinforce the same idea. The men in Begum Jaan do everything in their might to harass women and keep them under check.

In fact, the film begins with an elderly woman offering her body to a group of potential rapists in order to protect a younger woman in 2016’s Delhi suggesting the power dynamics haven’t changed much since Independence.

It’s an important and notice-worthy statement to make, but the efforts to present many facets of the problem at the same time takes a toll on the film. Many stories collide and fail to become one thick central line.

Amid so much recalling and nostalgia, the film’s theme gets even more dilute. And when the director remembers it mid-way, he wants to force it down the audience’s throat via heavily-worded dialogues.

Smart location choices help Mukherji in setting up the right milieu. It’s a house in the middle of a barren stretch surrounds by nature. It beside a dirt road and no houses can be seen even in the long shots which gives Begum’s brothel a weird sense of serenity and a disturbing atmosphere at the same time. It’s a used universe which is getting ready for one final battle.

If Vidya Balan is the showstopper of Begum Jaan, Gauahar Khan, Chunkey Pandey and Sumit Nijhawan are her most worthy partners. Pandey as a cold-blooded contract killer will remain in your memory for some time.

The 134-minute long Begum Jaan has Vidya Balan in good form, but it lacks cohesiveness as a complete story. It shies away from delving deep into the theme, but you may appreciate its documentary-like feel.

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