Half Girlfriend full Movie Download

Half Girlfriend Movie Download

Movie:- Half Girlfriend Movie Download
Stars:- Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor
Directed by:- Mohit Suri

Story:- Half Girlfriend movie is directed and produced by Chetan Bhagat and Mohit Suri . The story of movie based on Chetan bhagat novel “Half Girlfriend”, he writes novel in many years ago and the novel loves by peoples and millions peoples read this novel “Half Girlfriend full Movie Download”.

Half Girlfriend movie is about a bihar boy Madhav( Arjun Kapoor) and a girl Riya ( Shraddha Kapoor) who falls in love towards riya. Madhav is a simple boy and he speaks only in hindi but in his college english is allow to speak. Madhav belongs to a middle class family and Riya is rich family his father is business manand the Madhav admission in college by the sports quota and when he going to for its basketball trail he say riya and he attracts him.

He say its match but he lost all goal aftershe wants to live the match but madhav say you do it and give some tips to play better and she goes back and she wins the match. Next day, she says thanks and makes friend and playing basketball together and he meets daily and talk together. Madhaav falls in love and he thinks riya also loves him. Madhav going to date and when he going to leave riya his home than riya kiss him. Madhav is silent and very happy riya kiss him.

Half Girlfriend Movie Download Trailer:-

After few days, Madhav propose riya but riya says you i am not your girl friend but madhav say i live both than friend and riya says i wanna you Half girlfriend. but madhav not accept and go back after some days he realize he don’t live without him and he says riya i live you with as half girlfriend. Madhav friends says him half means half and say him to leave riya but i can’t do it and his says him to take riya in his room.

Next day, madhav takes riya to his room and riya going to sleep and after madhav sleep near riya and both come slowly slowly near and start kissing after kiss riya says don’t cross your limits madhav but madhav force him to do and it tries to do and riya slap him and go from there. He leave the college and marriage someone else.

Madhav trying to find him but i don’t find after some years he meet back on a project and he meets to riya i talk and madhav take him home and his mother say something to riya and he goes from there and go to outer country.

Madhav try to find but she goes and he try all way to find him but response nothing,then he go outer for her project and he tries to find in city. because riya said madhav he live this city and after many tries he found him in bar and she sings a song in restro bar. After all both are close.So,Watch Half Girlfriend full Movie Download for more information.

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