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Latest Punjabi Movies 2017

Latest Punjabi Movies 2017

About Movie:- Vaisakhi List is the narrative of Jarnail (Jimmy) and Tarsem (Sunil) who gets away from the jail for their own particular! reasons – Jarnail’s better half Aman (Shruti) is getting hitched to another person and Tarsem needs to see his child once. Likewise they are the most loved detainees of Jailer Jalauar Singh Johal (Bhalla). Prison guard with the assistance of the Minister Satpal Mander (Binnu)! gets whatever is left of the sentence absolved on the event of Vaisakhi. Be that as it may, Tarsem and Jarnail have gotten away from the jail by then and when they come to think about the excuse, they need to return to the prison so as to be liberate. So they advance back in? Or, on the other hand are they got in different issues(Latest Punjabi Movies 2017)

The story and screenplay is done by Shreya Srivastava and Vaibhav Suman. The duo has come up with a concept that sounded very interesting but somehow they failed! to create the same magic on paper in the screenplay. At many points the film seems to be draggs enough for people to yawn and at some points it was funny enough for people to laugh out loudly. But the lows seemed too many when compared to the highs. Also the flashbacks seems to be dragg a bit longer than usual. Also the writers failed to convince the viewers of the point that it is very easy to get in and get out of jail. If it was that easy then we would have more criminals outside rather than in jails.

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