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Movie :- Machine movie Download
Directed By – Abbas-Mustan
Produced by – Haresh Patel, Pranay Chokshi, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada and Abbas-Mustan

About Movie :-

The psyche boggles at the possibility of motion pictures like these, that really get compose, shot, broadcast and figure out how to hit the theaters. Does nobody with an ounce of objectivity intercede anytime? Anyway, here we are, and here it is.
Ransh (Mustafa) is a machine (the courageous woman’s words, not our own), who has no heart. He is made to become hopelessly enamored with young ladies, then made to execute them and take their cash. Sarah (Advani) turns into his casualty and however is soon restored to cut down her tricky partner when he’s on his next chase. Her friend in need? The twin sibling of a friendzoned Romeo who kicks the bucket because of Ransh prior. On the off chance that the existential emergency hasn’t set in yet, give it time. Two hours and 28 minutes, to be exact.
The absence of any sort of nuance is the most shocking thing here. On the off chance that a kid is enamor, he will compose love letters in blood; if a young lady is vexes, she will sit by the stream and cry interminably everything is spell out and afterward underline and highlight, ought to individuals overlook the main issue. Melodies appear as though they’re taking after a calendar and can’t miss the due date.
They have restore an indistinguishable plot from a dispatch vehicle for Mustafa, yet have overlooke that little relies on upon the vehicle and a ton  by the man in the driver’s seat. What’s more, Mustafa, suspiciously encompass by clearly less gift is simply not that man.
Kiara Advani is more likely than not orgy viewing Deepika Padukone films and getting subtleties of her discourse conveyance and expressions. There’s a shocking Padukone vibe about the way Advani strolls, talks and looks.

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