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About Movie Manam :- Karthik ‘Nagarjuna Akkineni’ is a rich engineer in uuty. He begins to look all starry eyed at Padmavathi/Padhu (Gracy Singh). Padmavathi sets aside her own sweet opportunity to acknowledge Karthik’s adoration. Padmavathi has an adorable cousin sister Bhanu (Shriya). Bhanu supports their affection and offers boldness to Padhu. At the point when Padhu uncovers about her affection, her dad Rama Chandraiah (K. Viswanath) opposes and requests that her wed the person he has decided for her. Padhu escapes from home and weds Karthik. Padmavathi is exceptionally anxious to return to her folks and get their endowments.

Karthik and Padmavathi relocate to New Zealand and they bring forth a child named Lucky. Padhu bites the dust in a mischance. Rama Chandraiah has a major joint family. A couple of the relatives opine that enticing Karthik and his child for a marriage to occur at their place would give a chance to get a more intensive take a gander at Lucky. At the point when Karthik visits Rama Chandraiah’s place he gets blended reactions from various individuals in the house. Rama Chandraiah doesn’t care for Karthik and others like him.

Over a time frame, Karthik inspires them all and when he was going to backpedal to New Zealand, Rama Chandraiah communicates his contrition for whatever happened and says that he is tolerating Karthik as his child in-law. Bhanu has begun to look all starry eyed at Karthik. She meets Karthik, a widower now. Regardless she has affections for him. However, in the meantime, there is Pawan (Prabhu Deva) – a youth companion of Bhanu – who is profoundly enamored with her. Karthik comes back to New Zealand. Bhanu alongside Pawan visits Karthik. Amid that period, Bhanu gets nearer to Karthik.

At the point when Karthik understands the goals of Bhanu, he settles Pawan as the life partner for her. Presently Bhanu is going to get hitch to Pawan. Bhanu cherishes Karthik, however Karthik falters to rehash the history by wedding a young lady against the desires of her family. Similarly as Karthik is going to leave for good with his child, Rama Chandraiah prevents him from leaving and argues him to wed Bhanu. Additionally, Pawan comes and argues Karthik to weds Bhanu as should be obvious that Bhanu is not cheerful about the marriage. The film has a cheerful completion with Karthik and Bhanu wedding.

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