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About Movie:- the motion picture movie comes phillauri and starcast with Kanan!, a despondent spouse puzzled by the way that he must be marry to a tree for custom. We are then acquainte with Shashi  who is on Suraj’s back every minute of every day just to add to the weight he as of now needs to manage.
In the mean time, Anu is ignorant regarding why her youth sweetheart has chilly feet before their wedding. Shashi  needs Diljit Dosanjh  to understand the significance of the words he composes. There’s something else entirely to his music than meets the eye.
The Main despite everything you’re left considering what’s truly occurring in Phillauri Download Movie. The motion picture doesn’t give away a lot in the primary half. We realize that the dadi of the family loves to drink, so we have another most loved dadi post Vicky Donor. We realize that there are two parallel romantic tales set in various periods and both are interlink.
The contention of personalities required with the characters in Phillauri Download Movie is the thing that the second half kick-begins with. She composes, he sings. Her verse is peruse and cherish crosswise over Punjab. In any case, no one knows that. She needs to compose however she can’t tell others on the grounds that “acche ghar ki ladkiyan motel sab cheezon mein nahi padti”.
Anushka as Shashi is captivating and completely regular. It’s pleasant that Bollywood has endeavored this sort before long. Anushka is persuading and connects with the group of onlookers as an apparition. At impressions we see precisely why the on-screen character took up this venture. Suraj Sharma as Kanan is getting it done and together they include a considerable amount of unobtrusive funniness to the film.

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