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Starring: Pisan Srimankong, Sirinda Jensen, Panudej Wattanasuchat, Suchao Pongwilai.
Director: Toranong Srichua
Writer: Toranong Srichua

About Movie:-

18 years on from the overwhelming effect of 2004’s tidal wave, the world still battles to deal with this staggering ecological fiasco. Little does humankind realize that it is going to confront a definitive danger; a momentous passing wave obliterating everything afterward. With the danger of another disastrous torrent, Prime Minister Tribhop sets up a national calamity alert focus. His political future and the lives of his kin rely on the choices he makes. Be that as it may, nobody predicts the monstrosity of what is going to ascend from the Thai Gulf. What’s more, nobody can out run it this time.

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